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PongConnect Earns You Money

  • foto Increase Liquor Sales Each game is played with a pitcher of alcohol sold by the bar. With our "loser pays" structure, players are encouraged to play again in hopes of winning free drinks. Each game lasts about ten minutes and brings in an average of $15.
  • foto Brings in New Customers Our mobile app features every bar with PongConnect table, allowing users to quickly find their competition. With our Clan Wars feature, users are encouraged to earn more points by playing at as many different bars as possible—bringing in new walk-in customers to your bar.
  • foto Staff Engagement PongConnect makes it easy for bar staff to interact with customers. With our automatic detection and re-racking system, there's no room for disputes. When each ball is sunk, bar staff pours a drink for the opposite team. At the end of the game, staff hands the bill to the losing team.

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